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Agiassos Naxos beach offers an enticing 750-meter stretch of fine sand and crystal-clear, shallow waters on the southwestern coast of Naxos. It is one of the island’s most unspoiled beaches. To the side, the visitor may explore small inlets with caves suitable for spear-gun fishing, while a small wetland at one end hosts many bird species. A number of picturesque fish tavernas, cafe and mini market, while those looking for quiet holidays will find Paradise Studios in the summer hamlet behind the beach.


A big island in the heart of the Aegean Sea and its sea routes, with imposing mountain massifs and fertile valleys, inhabited by cheerful people with a tradition in music and dance, and full of beauty that enchants visitors.

With its long history, important monuments and intense tourist life, it occupies a distinct place among the Cycladic islands. No matter how many days you stay on Naxos, there will always surely be more hidden niches to discover, beaches you haven’t seen, towers and forts you did not have time to visit, ancient temples whose secrets remain a mystery.
“If paradise was on Earth, it would be here,” wrote Nikos Kazantzakis, Greece’s foremost 20th century writer, about the short spell he spent as a teenager in Naxos’s fertile valley of Eggares.

The nature of Naxos talks to the heart of every artist with its authenticity, richness and simplicity.

The island is marked by great variety: mountains with ravines, caves and gullies shade verdant valleys with olive, fig, orange, lemon trees and vineyards, abundant waters.
The valleys end at smooth, sandy beaches adorned with juniper and tamarisk trees; villages are surrounded by fields and vegetable gardens; migratory birds find refuge on trees, while wild pigeons and swifts in the inaccessible coastal rocks.

But the seabed surrounding Naxos also offers another, exciting world, with marine ecosystems of astounding beauty, huge variety, reefs and rocks full of life, meadows of Posidonia oceanica with colorful plates and reefs.

Just choose your route, either on or off shore, and abandon yourself to the magic of Naxos’s nature. The thrill is there throughout the year.

Surrounding Area

  • Restaurants
  • Cafe
  • Mini market

Top Αttractions & Villages

  • Temple of Dimitra ( Sangri Village)
  • Bazeos Tower
  • The mount and cave of Zas
  • Castle Apalirou (Byzantine Castle)
  • Sangri Village
  • Filoti Village
  • Halki Village
  • Apiranthos Village

Beaches in the neighbourhood

  • Agiassos Beach
  • Pirgaki Beach
  • Aliko Beach
  • Hawaii Beach

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